Differences between hybrid and memory foam mattress

What we want to do is we want to try to answer one of the most asked questions that we get, which is better, all best foam mattress or a hybrid mattress. In this article, we are going to try to break stuff down just to try to help you understand what are the differences between those two types of mattresses?

Hybrid mattress or memory foam

A hybrid mattress is going to mean that you’re going to have a pocketed coil set that’s going to run through it,  the unique thing about most Hybrid is going to have a little bit of thicker gauge steel that’s going to run through the center. The majority of somebody’s weight is going to be in their hips and their midsection. So that’s why you’re going to want to have more support that runs throughout the middle of the mattress and that’s what a hybrid mattress is going to provide. It’s going to provide some good bounce some good push back, you know, utilizing the nice steel pocketed coils. To be able to give you more support now. So when you reach your hand around and you feel the side of the bed, you can feel some of these coils and what that’s going to do is,  that’s going to allow you to have maybe a little better edge support in some cases just depending on the density of the foam. But the biggest thing is it’s going to have consistency running through that mattress. So instead of having a pocketed coil set running up to 3 inches of foam encasement. You’re going to have a pocketed coil set go all the way through. So if I’m laying on the edge of the mattress, I’m going to feel supported and I’m going to feel like the mattress is consistent from edge to edge side to side and say that all the time in That’s what’s going to be a big Plus on some of these newer pocketed coil mattresses that are coming out. So that’s just one of the simple things just constructions how a hybrid bed is going to be made then what they’re going to do is the laminate foam that goes over the top. So, you’re going to have layers that run over the top some of its just going to be regular polyfoam. Some might be memory foam. Gel some might have latex that runs throughout it and that’s why it’s always important to know what are the materials that are going to run throughout the top of the mattress and that’s why we say when you go back over to simplyrest.com you will find ample information there.