Browsing through the mattress market?

Want to buy the best one there is? Well, look no further because we at Simplyrest have taken the liberty to compile this list of the top three mattresses of the market. Read on to know:

Saya Mattress

Next up is the Saya the best bed that is extremely affordable. We like this brand for more than just its low prices. In their beds, Saya also uses creative foams to give a special experience. Standing 12 inches wide, Saya Mattress comprises layers: 3 inches of Saya Foam and 9 inches of dense, solid base foam. Contouring, breathable and adaptable, Saya Comfort Foam cushions the body and adapts to your shifting movements, but it does not hold heat or allow you to sink. Saya Foam, instead, lifts like latex to keep you in a secure place. The heart of the Saya Mattress is durable enough for at least 10 years to avoid premature wear and tear and to withstand sagging.


Next up is the American brand, Grepzy. Grepzy was only offering one all-foam bed when they first opened. Then, they have unveiled 3 hybrid models in 2019: Grepzy.2, Grepzy.3, and Grepzy.4. The only difference in both versions is the Smart Comfort GridTM’s thickness. So, the grid in the Grepzy 2 is 2 inches thick, 3 inches thick in the Grepzy 3, and in the Grepzy 4, you guessed right, 4 inches thick. Based on your own firmness needs and sleep criteria, you can pick which Grepzy hybrid is better for you, but we recommend selecting their Grepzy for optimum pain relief.4. For pain relief, Grepzy’s .4 hybrid is critical because it helps the body to compress 4 inches, resulting in extra pressure relief. Plus, since the Smart Comfort GridTM is soft but helpful, it encourages the neutral equilibrium of the body and avoids the development of new pains. In both of their hybrids, the pocketed coil device Grepzy provides their beds with a bouncier look, but still provides the sleeper above with zoned assistance.


 The Polah is on this list because it will cradle your hips and shoulders as you rest on the Polah, and ease discomfort instead of feeling solid like other memory foams. In addition, AirFoamTM from Polah is 100 percent temperature neutral, so it helps to controlling temperature and does not trap heat. The Polah is relatively slim overall, standing just 10 inches tall. The construction of the bed, too, is plain, with just three layers: 2 inches of AirFoamTM, a poly-foam transition sheet, and a poly-foam centre sheet. They score their mattress on the website 5-6 out of 10 in terms of firmness, so it’s right there at a medium feeling. Their bed comes with a 120-night sleep test and a 15-year warranty while you buy with Polah.

This will definitely help you make the right choice! Happy hunting!